About Fairfield Tek, L.L.C.

Fairfield Tek L.L.C. is a Women-Owned Small Business specializing in Information Technology Solution Consulting located in Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide secure, efficient and lasting Information Technology solutions and consulting services to all sectors of the business world including Federal and State agencies. Our team of consultants, guided by our C.E.O., provide the same high level of dedication and attention to detail to every client, regardless of their size.

  • Kristin Nicole Gee


    Having roots in Medical Management, Kristin learned early on that the best way to help clients was to first listen to them, observe their problems and then prescribe a solution to benefit all parties. Her successful career has provided her a solid background and insights into efficient management, operations, negotiation and client care. With the proliferation of technology into the medical field she found many Information Technology companies simply tried to dictate solutions to their clients instead of listening and observing the situation first. Most of the delivered solutions she encountered were missing key features necessary for optimal operation due predominantly by consultants listening and asking the right questions.

    With this she decided to start Fairfield Tek L.L.C., a Woman-Owned and Operated Small Business offering Information Technology solutions.

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